Uruguay vs Brazil (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Uruguay vs Brazil (Pick, Prediction, Preview) Preview


The game

Brazen for their fragility since they were spanked by Germany at the World Cup, Brazilians have shown a much more reassuring face with Tit on their bench. With eight victories, three draws and only one small defeat in twelve days, the Seleçao, at the top of the AmSud zone, is almost guaranteed to see Russia. A note that Uruguay also touches. The Celeste and her intractable duo, Cavani-Suarez, would take a huge step towards the World Cup, winning the shock, with only six days to go. Dominated in Chile (3-1) on their last outing, will the Uruguayans take advantage of the fervor of their audience to bring down a Brazil they had held in reign (2-2) to Recife a few months earlier?

Probability points Brazil Uruguay

The Celeste has 4 successes in as many matches disputed on its lands in these eliminations. Imperial.
Uruguay had a big game (2-2) in Brazil in March 2016, already in the playoffs. Since then, Cavani has gained more confidence, while Suarez is still so monstrous …
The Uruguayans have won 8 of their last 9 games played on their soil.

Uruguay Brazil – Our prediction

With a grinta crazy and the huge duo Cavani-Suarez ahead, Uruguay can bring down everyone. Brazil is certainly serene in these qualifiers and has a 6/6 since Tite joined his bench but clearly does not clear the feeling of being untouchable … The Uruguayans are collectively better. They will prove it in Montevideo.

Prediction: Uruguay win

Odds: 2.88