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France – Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

France vs Uruguay Prediction & Tips The World Cup is on the bulletin board, butFrance risks not qualifying for the Nations League semi-finals after a brilliant start. In Rotterdam the Gallettis lost 2-0 against an Holland that would enter the Nations League semifinals even “only” by drawing in Germany. Uruguay, after a good world, is… Read more »

Uruguay – Brazil (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Uruguay vs Brazil Prediction & Tips Brazil against Uruguay will never be a friendly match, as it should be. And this even if you try to turn it into a show contest, to be played in the neutral field and to the use and consumption of more or less neutral sponsors and spectators. So much… Read more »

Uruguay – France (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Uruguay vs France Prediction & Tips The long-awaited Ronaldo-Messi clash at the World Cup will not be there. Merit of Uruguay and France that have eliminated respectively the champion of Europe and Argentina in the second round. The Uruguayans of Oscar Washington Tabarez have prevailed over the Lusitanians thanks to a super Edinson Cavani: the… Read more »

Uruguay – Portugal (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Uruguay vs Portugal Prediction & Tips Suarez against Cristiano Ronaldo, already this should give the size of the level of Uruguay-Portugal. A Superclasic translated into Russia. But as if this were not enough, you can also add a very hot Matador: Edinson Cavani is a potential star of this challenge after having also stamped the… Read more »

Uruguay – Russia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Uruguay vs Russia Prediction & Tips Stanislas Cherchesov’s Russia and Uruguay by Oscar Washington Tabarez have already accomplished their duty in the group stage of the World Cup and have qualified 90 minutes early in the last sixteen. The Russians, in crisis on the eve of the tournament at home, have won 2 victories out… Read more »