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Uruguay – Saudi Arabia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia Prediction & Tips After shaking with Egypt, taking home the victory only in the 90th minute thanks to the goal of central defender José Maria Gimenez, Uruguay of Oscar Washington Tabarez can close the qualifying speech with a turn in advance if he beats Arabia Saudi Arabia in the second race… Read more »

Egypt – Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Egypt vs Uruguay Prediction & Tips The Argentine Egypt Hector Cuper and Uruguay led by Oscar Washington Tabarez are on the pitch at Ekaterinburg Arena already knowing the outcome of the first race of Group A that will be played the day before in Moscow between Russia and Saudi Arabia . In a group that… Read more »

Uruguay – Uzbekistan (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Uruguay vs Uzbekistan Prediction & Tips Uruguay, a team with an important tradition in the world (it has two titles in its history, obtained in the 1930s and 1950s) comes from an outstanding performance in the South American qualifiers and is already thinking about its debut against Egypt by the group A of the next… Read more »

Austria – Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Austria – Uruguay PREDICTION & TIPS The bet we have indicated for this game is the ” both teams score – yes ”. This friendly must be very open and with many opportunities of goal for both sides, since both selections have very competent attacks. In addition, it is expected that the teams put… Read more »

Poland – Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Poland – Uruguay PREDICTION & TIPS This duel marks the meeting between two selections that come from good campaigns carried out in their respective groups within the World Cup Qualifiers, and that now begin preparation for the World Cup that will take place in Russia in the middle of next year. The Poles finished… Read more »

Uruguay – Bolivia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Uruguay – Bolivia PREDICTION & TIPS Second in the ranking, Uruguay has only one point left to ensure its direct participation in the next World Cup. Luis Suarez’s partners took home a victory against Argentina in the 15th round (0-0), and then went on to win a place in Paraguay (1-2), before confining Venezuela… Read more »

Venezuela – Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Venezuela – Uruguay PREDICTION & TIPS Last good of the zone Amsud two days of the end of the hostilities, Venezuela finishes his qualifying campaign with the pride for sole engine. Beware, however, of not underestimating a formation rising in power, not passed far to dominate Argentina (1-1) in Buenos Aires a month earlier…. Read more »

Paraguay – Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Paraguay – Uruguay PREDICTION & TIPS In South America, hunting for qualification in 2018 in Russia is pretty much a rebus. Aside from Brazil, firmly in the top of the standings, for the others it is a continuous upswing, with resumption and relapse: if you think, for example, that at the time Argentina Messi,… Read more »

Uruguay – Argentina (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Uruguay – Argentina PREDICTION & TIPS In South American qualifiers to the Russian world we came to the top and decisive moment: few teams gathered in a few points, even with Argentina that should play the game in this moment to hope to get to the tournament scheduled for next summer. With Colombia out… Read more »

Italy vs Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Italy vs Uruguay PREDICTION & TIPS Wednesday, at 21:45, Italy will face the Uruguay team in a friendly match at the “Allianz Riviera” stadium in Nice. I think we are going to witness a spectacular game with many phases of the gate, which is why I chose the detailed prognosis in the article below…. Read more »

Ireland vs Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Ireland vs Uruguay PREDICTION & TIPS Friendly game between Ireland and Uruguay. Upstream of their respective matches in qualifiers for the next World Cup, the two formations meet for a meeting without stakes. But where everyone has to look good. Because Ireland still has all the cards in hand to fly to Russia in… Read more »

Peru vs Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  This game is very balanced saw bookmakers share for January 1st soloist is 2.90, while the share away win is 2.45. And if we look on the results of displacement by Cavani and the company is clearly a bet on the outcome is not indicated. So I shifted and the match between Peru and… Read more »

Uruguay vs Brazil (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  The game Brazen for their fragility since they were spanked by Germany at the World Cup, Brazilians have shown a much more reassuring face with Tit on their bench. With eight victories, three draws and only one small defeat in twelve days, the Seleçao, at the top of the AmSud zone, is almost guaranteed… Read more »

Chile vs Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Wednesday at 11:30, Chile will receive home visiting selectionatei of Uruguay, in a match counting for the 12th round of the South American preliminaries. The match will be played at the “Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez PRADAN” in Santiago de Chile. They are at risk Located currently in 5th place in the hierarchy of national multi… Read more »

Uruguay vs Ecuador (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Thursday, at 23:00, Uruguay meets selected similar to Ecuador in a match of the 11th round of World Cup qualifying, South America area. Uruguay is second in hierarchy standings to qualify for the World Cup Ta Russia, with 20 points, one less than Brazil, the current leader. However, the Uruguayans are leaders in terms of… Read more »

Uruguay vs Paraguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

While Uruguay is a tough loss against Argentina in visitor status (0-1) it is favorite to get a good result against Paraguay, as it plays at home and is among the top of the competition. Paraguay, who are just recovering from the Copa America flojísima made and the first leg of his coach, Ramon Diaz,… Read more »

Argentina vs Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Tonight at 2:30 pm, Argentina receives the “Estadio Malvinas Argentinas” visit Uruguay in a match where I expect the home team to get the victory. Argentina is undoubtedly definite favorite of this meeting, providing a lot more valuable, having the advantage of his court, where supporters can play an important role. National Argentine became a… Read more »