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Hoffenheim – Shakhtar Donetsk (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Hoffenheim vs Shakhtar Donetsk Prediction & Tips The goal of qualifying for the Champions League round of 16 has not yet set for Hoffenheim and Shakhtar Donetsk, respectively third and fourth in Group F, spaced out by one point. The Germans, who are currently ahead, have a delay of three lengths from Lyon and can… Read more »

Lyon – Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Lyon vs Hoffenheim Prediction & Tips TheLyon of Bruno Genesio can put a good mortgage on the qualification to the Champions League knockout round by beating Group H Stadium at Group F Stadium on the fourth day of Group F. The French team is second in the group one point from Manchester City and has… Read more »

RB Leipzig – Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

RB Leipzig vs Hoffenheim Prediction & Tips RB Leipzig-Hoffenheim is one of the most interesting matches of the second round of the German Cup and not only because they face two Bundesliga teams: the hosts, in fact, are trying to find their rhythm after a start from “roller coaster”, Hoffenheim seems to have put a… Read more »

Hoffenheim – Manchester City (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Hoffenheim vs Manchester City Prediction & Tips A surprise defeat at home in the first day of Champions League from Lyon for 2-1, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City is called to success in the race that will see him engaged in Germany, at WIRSOL Rhein-Neckar-Arena, against Hoffenheim. Over the weekend just after the Citizens have regained… Read more »

Bayern Munich – Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Bayern Munich vs Hoffenheim Prediction & Tips Another Bundesliga starts, but the stra-favored team is still the same: Bayern Munich. The defending champions practically did not make the market, as they redeemed James Rodriguez, reacquired Gnabry and Renato Sanches from the loan and replaced Vidal with Goretzka. The new coach Niko Kovac, who has already… Read more »

Hoffenheim – Dortmund (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Hoffenheim vs Dortmund Prediction & Tips Ninety minutes from the end of the season in the Bundesliga several teams remain in the running for a series of specific objectives. These include Hoffenheim, Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen, who are running for the last two places in the Champions League. The first two will compete in… Read more »

Hertha Berlin – Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Hertha Berlin – Hoffenheim PREDICTION & TIPS Hertha Berlin and Hoffenheim play at the Olympiastadion Berlin in a 21-round Bundesliga match. In the final confrontation between these teams in this competition, on 17-09-2017, the final result was a draw for (1-1). At this stage, the history of direct confrontations is favorable to the visiting… Read more »

Braga – Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Braga – Hoffenheim PREDICTION & TIPS Next Thursday, Sporting de Braga will host the Germans at Hoffenheim in the Municipal Stadium of Braga in a match to be played for Group C of the Europa League Group C at 20:05. In the first place of this group are Ludogorets (8 points), Braga (7 points),… Read more »

Hoffenheim – Eintracht Frankfurt (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Hoffenheim – Eintracht Frankfurt PREDICTION & TIPS Hoffenheim and Eintracht Frankfurt meet at the Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena in a Bundesliga round of the 12th round. The history of direct matches played at this stage favors the home team, who in the last 4 matches won 2 and drew 2. Indeed, in the last match at… Read more »

Hoffenheim – Braga (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Hoffenheim – Braga PREDICTION & TIPS Hoffenheim’s dream came to an end in mid-August. Opposed to Liverpool in Champions League play-offs, the Germans have not managed to cross this line and will have to settle for the Europa League. And without a doubt, they will be favorites in this group C, along with Braga,… Read more »

Hoffenheim – Bayern (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Hoffenheim – Bayern PREDICTION & TIPS Bayern Munich is not amilana before anyone, less in a championship that usually dominates without startles as it is the Bundesliga. Before this, it faces the duel against Hoffenheim of the best way in condition of visitor to look for to stay with the third triumph in row… Read more »

Liverpool – Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Liverpool – Hoffenheim PREDICTION & TIPS The absurd Uefa Champions League regulations, which force the latest entrants into the preliminaries to challenge each other, sees Anfield Road Liverpool’s German Juergen Klopp defeated Julian Nagelsmann’s Offspring’s offspring already beaten in the forward race for 2- 1. And this is the result of putting the Reds… Read more »

Hoffenheim – Liverpool (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Hoffenheim – Liverpool PREDICTION & TIPS Liverpool misses the Champions League. Fourth in the Premier League last year, the Mersey club has gained the right to access the dams, relegating Arsenal to the Europa League … Led by charismatic Jürgen Klopp, the Reds want to find the European gratin. If the Coutinho case is… Read more »

Werder Bremen vs Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Werder Bremen vs Hoffenheim PREDICTION & TIPS In the match of the thirty-third and penultimate round of the First League, Werder Bremen host Hoffenheim. The match will be, like all the others, on Saturday at the beginning of the afternoon, at 2:30 p.m., and a high-level spectacle is expected between two emblems at the… Read more »

Dortmund vs Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Dortmund vs Hoffenheim PREDICTION & TIPS Maurizio Sarri’s Napoli is getting closer to second place and after the defeat of Roma in the derby he took to a single point of detachment. With the Giallorossi that go to Milan against Milan, this turn is definitely favorable for the Partenopei who, beating Cagliari in the… Read more »

Hoffenheim vs Frankfurt (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Hoffenheim - Werder Bremen Previa

  Hoffenheim vs Frankfurt PREDICTION & TIPS Hoffenheim is coming home with Frankfurt in this stage in the Bundesliga, and I think we have identified here the best forecast. I rely very much on the shape of the moment and I think we will make a profit. Below you find the predicted prediction. Hoffenheim We… Read more »

FC Koln vs Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

FC Koln - Leverkusen Previa

  FC Koln vs Hoffenheim PREDICTION & TIPS For the time being, that holds. Hoffenheim is currently only qualified for the Champions League thanks to his place on the podium, with a very small lead over Borussia Dortmund, fourth. The short lead however does not give immense guarantees but what seems certain is that Hoffenheim… Read more »

Hoffenheim vs B. Monchengladbach (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Hoffenheim vs B. Monchengladbach PREDICTION & TIPS The Hoffenheim is carrying out a very outstanding campaign, located in the third position of the tournament, with convincing yields and obtaining an important amount of triumphs. Although the Nagelsmann-led team is coming off a 1-0 defeat against Hamburg (1-2), this does not dampen their great work… Read more »

Hertha Berlin vs Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  The Hertha Berlin and Hoffenheim are the two surprise guests of the race to Europe, and even to the Champions League. Today’s visitors hold their ticket for the most beautiful European competitions. Only one point away from Borussia Dortmund, third. But the pressure is likely to be great this Friday in Berlin, in a… Read more »

Hoffenheim vs Bayer Leverkusen (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  The game Authors of a correct match but eliminated from the Champions League this week (0-0 against Atlético), the Leverkusen players saw their hopes of European epic collapse, coming to weigh a little more In a season already missed. Ten of the Bundesliga, far behind the squares for the next C1, Chicharito and company… Read more »

Hoffenheim vs Ingolstadt (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

TSG Hoffenheim is still one of the big surprises of the Bundesliga season so far. At the moment they are still in the Champions League standings, which is the clear favorite before the Saturday match against FC Ingolstadt, especially as they are also home to the “Schanzer”. The kick-off of the meeting is on March… Read more »

Leipzig vs Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

RB Leipzig – 1899 Hoffenheim – big derby of this round between teams that are definitely the biggest surprises this season and are refreshment Bundesliga, but that there is still a lot of similarities. I Hoffenheim is in its first ever season in the top flight was also a hit and Leipzig and even then… Read more »

Hoffenheim VS Werder Bremen (PICK, PREDICTION, PREVIEW)

Hoffenheim - Werder Bremen Previa

Wednesday starting at 19:00 Hoffenheim will meet Bremen in a match counting for the 16th round of the Bundesliga. Hoffenheim Host is the only Bundesliga team that has not known defeat this season. So in the 15 steps, Hoffenheim recorded 6 wins and 9 draws amassing 27 points. With this score footballers led by Julian… Read more »

Hoffenheim vs Dortmund (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Round number 15 Bundesliga starts on Friday at 19:30, when the Rhein-Neckar Arena will be played match Hoffenheim – Dortmund. Neinvinse this season, the hosts hope to maintain invincibility after this latest confrontation difficult this year. TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Although unbeaten this season, host band may be considered the “queen” of the Bundesliga draws, with… Read more »

Hoffenheim vs 1. FC Koln (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Friday from 14:30 Hoffenheim back at home, going to a dating the place on Cologne in the Bundesliga round number 13. Hoffeheim is without a win three stages, the interval obtained as many draws, remaining one of the two teams still have not lost so far. However, Wagner & Co.raman in the first half of… Read more »

Hoffenheim vs Hamburger SV (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Sunday at 14:30, Hoffenheim gets visit from Hamburger SV in the penultimate match of the 11th round of the Bundesliga. Hoffenheim is the surprise of the championship and ranks third in May, with 20 points, seven lengths behind the leader, but has a game less. Unbeaten this season, Hoffe come after a match 1-1 with… Read more »

Bayern vs Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

The top game of the week As every week, we also look back on a selected top game of the week in a separate article on the tenth day of the Bundesliga. Here we will go into the two teams in detail, look at their previous results and the balance sheet of past games, and… Read more »

1. FC Koln vs Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Wednesday starting at 21:45 FC Cologne Hoffenheim will meet in a match of the German Cup. FC Cologne In international competition, the host team afa ranked 5th with a total of 15 points. FC Cologne last round suffered the first defeat this season. So after 4 wins and 3 draws, the hosts were defeated on… Read more »

Hoffenheim vs Schalke (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Sunday starting at 16:30 Hoffenheim will meet Schalke in a match counting for the 5th stage of the Bundesliga. Hoffenheim Home team is ranked 11th, recording four draws in as many matches, 7-7 with a goal. Hoffenheim sold him this summer striker Volland, and in his place came from Leicester strikers Kramar, Wagner and Terrazzino… Read more »

Darmstadt vs Hoffenheim (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Match of the day 4 of the Bundesliga teams Darmstadt vs Hoffenheim game that I hope will be open as usually most duels in Germany face, locals come to be thrashed 6-0 by Borussia Dortmund, so now at home look to win the match, the visitors have not won yet, add 3 draws in 3… Read more »