Tarragona vs Levante (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

A striking game this Sunday is the day that will play Gimnastic de Tarragona and Levante with a new date LaLiga2.

In my view, there is no clear favorite this time, since the two teams are evenly matched in many ways, being feasible which can be neutralized in various areas of the field. For this reason and considering that are tactical in their actions, we suggest a few euros a pure play him draw. Remember that Nástic is a tough opponent to beat at home, like his opponent who knows stand well away taking advantage of the hierarchy that still has to just get to this category after passing through the first division.

Note that Gimnastic de Tarragona has started the tournament with two pars, costing him be a more regular in their actions team. The team tied for first at home against Lugo (2-2), then do it to Huesca (1-1). For now, your goal is to score his first win, gain confidence and getting back into the fight for promotion to the first division.

On the other hand do not forget that the home side will look not suffer so much at home, because it was complicated more than necessary in his first appearance, after losing 0-2 the first half against Lugo and achieve even the score in stoppage time. It remains an effective set in attack, having to enhance its defensive aspect.

Continuing with the analysis you should know that Levante has started in the best way his walk in the tournament, adding two wins in a row and projected as one of the first candidates to ascend and return to the Spanish first division. It is an orderly and rough in their actions together, the aim being to realize a lead and hold it until the final whistle.

And you have to finish the visit won his first start at Numancia by 0-1, proving to be practical in this condition. Then came the victory against Alcorcón, which was quieter without many problems through (partial victory 2-0 from the first 45 ‘minutes of play until the final whistle).

After reviewing the details of this comparison my game for equality due to the following reasons: First, because the two teams are evenly matched in many ways, being likely to be neutralized in midfield. Therefore, it is not surprising that the alternate possession. Gimnastic Tarragona second because, despite scoring and yield goals in this league start, remains a well worked and difficult to beat in their field set. And third, because Levante already demonstrated its ability to act away from home, beating the always difficult Numancia 0-1. Given this reality, we believe that the party can finish 0-0 or 1-1 after the final whistle.

Our forecast betting Gimnastic de Tarragona vs Levante: Draw