Peterborough vs Chesterfield (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Peterborough vs Chesterfield

Game One of League One, which will face Peterborough, sixth-placed, against Chesterfield, twenty-second and third-last. I like the pick for the Chesterfield data away from home, so let’s go with the statistical analysis.

Peterborough averages 11.1 corners per game, taking 5.1 and conceding 5.9. At home their numbers are 10.5 corners per game, taking 5.1 and allowing 5.4 corners per game.

As for Chesterfield averages 12.6 corners per game, drawing and allowing the same number of corners, 6.3 per game. But it is away from home where your data become extraordinary. Thus, out of the home average 14.6 corners per game, drawing 6.9 and allowing 7.7 corners per game.

It is necessary to say that the Peterborough at home has surpassed the 10.5 corners in 4 occasions, by 6 in which not, and 2 of the unders they were with 10 corners. As for the Chesterfield out, they have passed the line in 8 of their 10 matches. Of the two unders, one was in the first day against Oxford in August, which has already rained since then, and the other with 10 corners against the Charlton that barely averages 9.1 corners at home. In their overs we see that they have had games with 20 or 18 corners …

Watching the Chesterfield numbers I think it should be a corners game, plus the Chesterfield need the points to try to get out of the relegation and the Peterborough to secure themselves in promotion promotion …

Prediction: Over 2,5 goals
Odds: 2,00