Inter – AS Roma (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Inter - AS Roma

Super derby at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan, Inter having a very difficult match with the machinery of goals in Rome. Mancini’s team the perfect start to Serie A this season, managing only the first 6 stages victories; it broke the home match with Fiorentina, Inter defeated outright by a score of 4 to 1. This was followed by three matches of equality rather awkward but teams, including Juventus (actually the champions beat him about everyone in this season). In the last match of the championship milanezii earned Bologna a game of two soloist but which in reality was much more difficult, they imposed themselves to the limit by a score of 1-0.
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AS Roma has a very good season and appears to be closer to a new title in Serie A after a 15-year drought; the only opponents who seem to keep up with them are those from Naples, but other teams should not be neglected, especially as there are many stages to play. The Romans have the best attack in the league, managed to score no less than 25 goals in the 10 matches played. Pjanic and the company made only one misstep, were defeated in the last minute in moving from Sampdoria, Roma dominated the game in which children and had many opportunities to score. Inter has the best defense in Serie A Roma but leave the first chance I think, forecast recommended me being Asian Handicap +0 Rome (in case of the stake will be returned).