Darmstadt vs Ingolstadt (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Darmstadt vs Ingolstadt
Match of the eleventh season of the Bundesliga, between two teams that are in the bottom of the table. A priori would be a difficult game to predict, but seeing the statistics of both teams I have realized the following:

On the one hand, Darmstadt as a local has only lost against Leipzig, second ranked team.

29.10.16 BUN Darmstadt RB Leipzig 0: 2
22.10.16 BUN Darmstadt Wolfsburg 3: 1
01.10.16 BUN Darmstadt Werder Bremen 2: 2
20.09.16 BUN Darmstadt Hoffenheim 1: 1
10.09.16 BUN Darmstadt Eintracht Frankfurt 1: 0

While he has been able to beat teams like Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt and draw against Werder Bremen and Hoffenheim.

For its part Ingolstadt has only managed to tie a home game, against Hamburg, which is in very low hours and last classified Bundesliga, while has lost the last 4.

29.10.16 BUN Mainz Ingolstadt 2: 0
15.10.16 BUN Cologne Ingolstadt 2: 1
24.09.16 BUN Mönchengladbach Ingolstadt 2: 0
17.09.16 BUN Bayern Ingolstadt 3: 1
27.08.16 BUN Hamburg Ingolstadt 1: 1

So we go with the local victory, with the assurance that if there is a tie we get back the bet, since it has enough value.

Stake 2. Luck whoever follows me !!