Charlton – Chesterfield (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Charlton - Chesterfield
Tomorrow starting at 17:00, will take place match CHARLTON – CHESTERFIELD, for the week with Nr. 10 Football Championship in ENGLAND LEAGUE ONE. The hosts prepared technician C. POWELL, occupies first place, have 20 pts., With (6V-2e-0i) in caqre enrolled 17 g. (Ranking it 2nd in offensive terms, with an average of 2 12 g. submitted per game), receiving 7 g., (being ranked 3rd in terms of defense, with an average of 0.87 g. per game). In the 4 matches held at home, got 8 pts., With (2V-2e-0i), in which they scored 8 g., Receiving 3 g. (Averaging 2.00 g. Scored per game and 0.75 g. per game).

Guests technician supervised by J. SHERIDAN, (promoted from LEAGUE TWO), ranked 14, had 11 pts., With (3v-2e-4i), which enrolled 12 g., Receiving 13 g. In the 4 matches held away, got three points, with (1V-0e-3i), in which they scored 6 g., receiving 9 g. (averaging 1.5 g. submitted per game and 2.25 g. collected per game). In this game, the hosts believe they will enroll more than one goal.