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Austria – Sweden (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Austria vs Sweden Prediction & Tips Sweden starts again from Russia: the splendid world ride interrupted only in the quarter-finals, however, made Ibrahimovic’s “grandchildren” proud, also because on their way they left excellent victims like Italy (eliminated in the qualifying play-offs) and Germany (made out in the group stage despite the defeat in the second… Read more »

Sweden – England (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Sweden vs England Prediction & Tips It is undoubtedly Sweden “the intruder” in the quarterfinals of Russia 2018. Of course the post-Ibrahimovic team (missing so much?) Confirmed what was seen in the play-off with Italy, that is a defense of iron, cynicism and good players like the outside of the Leipzig Forsberg, author of the… Read more »

Sweden – Switzerland (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Sweden vs Switzerland Prediction & Tips One of Sweden and Switzerland will enter the World Cup quarter-finals in Russia. The two teams qualified respectively first in Group F and second in Group E. The Swedes of Janne Andersson won the group which included Mexico, South Korea and Germany and won the first place in the… Read more »

Mexico – Sweden (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Mexico vs Sweden Prediction & Tips The goal with which Toni Kroos gave the victory to Germany in the second day of Group F of the World Cup has complicated very much the life to Sweden of Janne Andersson that with that same would have left to -3 the Germans. Now it is Germany that… Read more »

Germany – Sweden (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Germany vs Sweden Prediction & Tips In three of the last four editions of the World Cup, the team holding the title – always a European: France in 2002, Italy in 2010 and Spain in 2014 – was eliminated in the first round. A statistic that scares the Germany of Joachim Loew, especially in light… Read more »

Sweden – South Korea (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Sweden vs South Korea Prediction & Tips Sweden is in history for having precluded Italy, with our collaboration, access to the final phase of a World Cup after 50 years. Before that, in Group A qualifying, she was rewarded for goal difference despite a direct clash with the Netherlands. As we have seen, the Swedes… Read more »

Sweden – Denmark (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Sweden vs Denmark Prediction & Tips The Friends Arena in Solna and two teams like Sweden and Denmark evoke negative memories among the Italian fans: at the Friends Arena the first act of the last qualifying playoff took place which saw Sweden eliminate Italy from the World Cup and the challenge Sweden-Denmark brings back the… Read more »

Romania – Sweden (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Romania vs Sweden Prediction & Tips The friendly match between Romania and Sweden is played at the Stadionul Ion Oblemenco in Craiova. The hosts coached by Cosmin Contra next summer will not be at the World Cup and after the elimination from the World have scored 2 wins and 1 defeat in a friendly. In… Read more »

Sweden – Chile (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Sweden vs Chile Prediction & Tips The Sweden of Janne Andersson that last November 13 strikes the ticket for the final phase of the World Cup against Italy back on the field for the third time after that game and at the Friends Arena in Solna if it will be with Chile champion in charge… Read more »

Italy – Sweden (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Italy – Sweden PREDICTION & TIPS The most likely scenario for this match will be Italy’s victory. We believe that the Italians will dominate the whole game and have the best scoring opportunities, since they have a team far superior to their opponents. On the other hand, Sweden has some flaws in its style… Read more »

Sweden – Italy (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Sweden – Italy PREDICTION & TIPS The most likely scenario for this match will be the occurrence of few goals. A balanced start is expected in this first round of the tie. Thus, the two teams will come into play more cautiously, with the aim of not putting everything to lose since the beginning… Read more »

Sweden – Luxembourg (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Sweden – Luxembourg PREDICTION & TIPS Sweden is on the lookout. Second in Group A, at a small point behind France, held in check by Luxembourg on the final day (0-0), the Swedes always aim to go for this first place synonymous with direct qualification for the world. For the moment they have to… Read more »

Belarus – Sweden (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Belarus – Sweden PREDICTION & TIPS An attacker who finds himself face to face, alone, and who misses the frame. The hardest was done, yet he cracked at the conclusion. This is a bit of a situation the Swedes have experienced lately. Lucky winners of the France home team (2-1), on a ball of… Read more »