Perugia picks

Perugia – Crotone (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Perugia vs Crotone Prediction & Tips Two World Champions in comparison, two friends facing each other, two “pupils” of opposing Ancelotti and we could continue like this forever. Perugia against Crotone of course is not only Alessandro nesta against Massimo Oddo, but certainly this unusual challenge will hold the bench in the news on the… Read more »

Brescia – Perugia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Brescia vs Perugia Prediction & Tips Suazo against Nesta is a dive into the past: a very fast striker, perhaps in his career he has collected less than he deserved, against one of the best defenders in the world. This is also Brescia-Perugia: the two, in fact, meet again, this time on the benches. In… Read more »

Venezia – Perugia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Venezia vs Perugia Prediction & Tips The Venice seemed really able to stand up surprisingly of the season and, who knows, a crazy sliver of the play-offs. This is up to a few days ago, because for a while now the guys from Inzaghi seem to have gone into oxygen deficiency. Perugia, on the other… Read more »

Empoli – Perugia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Empoli vs Perugia Prediction & Tips That dell’Empoli in this season was a ride virtually unstoppable. And the promotion in Serie A won well in advance is the most striking demonstration. But that the Tuscans are experiencing a period of grace is also testified by the results obtained after the mathematical certainty of the ascent… Read more »

Perugia – Novara (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Perugia vs Novara Prediction & Tips The Novara has forty-three points, only one more than Ascoli and Avellino, which – ended today the championship – would be the two teams to play the play-out to determine the last relegation in Serie C. Perugia points has fifty nine and is one step away from making sure… Read more »

Cesena – Perugia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Cesena vs Perugia Prediction & Tips This year’s Serie B championship for Cesena is simply “roller coaster”: the Romagnoli can not find continuity and above all they can not free themselves from the hot area of ​​the classification. In full play-out area, Cesena must absolutely resume scoring points to hope to get out of this… Read more »

Perugia – Brescia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Perugia vs Brescia Prediction & Tips Are you looking for two teams in good condition? You can find them in Umbria Tuesday evening. Taking advantage of a long numerical superiority, Perugia has broken Frosinone and repeated the success on Palermo: the boys of Breda are tenths to -1 from the playoff area. Passing on the… Read more »