Hacken vs IFK Goteborg (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

It is big city derby at the wallpaper on Monday evening. BK Hacken IFK Gothenburg to welcome Bravida Arena, where we find strong liking for a potential scorer – 4.25 x tokens!

Derby! The games you live for, although this may be the hottest thing in Allsvenskan …

A significant, as always in Allsvenskan, the match is still waiting. Hacken are placed seventh and hopes to keep his head up at the top table half of the series. The chance to pick a Europe Ticket is relatively small, but the hope still lives certainly.

Up to fourth, just Blåvitt, separates the four sticks. IFK lost his footing in the table, since a few months back; left the state battle, much due to the tight schedule when the Europa League qualifiers alternated with Allsvenskan. The results are weighted and you still suffer the aftereffects of that period.

Offensively still missing a few pieces of Blåvitt, Mikael Boman Patrik Karlsson Lagermyr. Tobias Hysen is in the squad, but is expected to start on the bench. For Hacken are attacking the tip Paulinho still out with a knee injury.

The Dane tested as the scorer

Like a game scorer strong here …

And it is a player I am extremely fond of – Soren Rieks. Dane’s shape is not near constipated, but here he is expected to start up in the attack and it increases his opportunities to network, versus if he had started on the outer flank. Understood.

This does not seem the odds compilers take into account, the change in position and with all the injuries. Moreover, he is a reliable scorer, although it was a while since he had to celebrate – can of course also be explained by the entire Blåvitts form development.

The fact that Blåvitt usually have it incredibly easy to just Hacken – five straight Civil matches are won and not one of the 11 most recent has been lost – strengthens our shooting thoughts further.