Gefle vs Hacken (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Gefle is in desperate need of a third when they welcome Hacken to Gavlevallen. An open game image is to be expected and it should suit a particular player – a scorer is found, the entire 5.30 x batter!

A third remains of Allsvenskan Gefle and must tap dance up if they are to save the contract. The classic club is positioned as the second from bottom in the series, with six rungs up to Helsingborg on qualifying spot. If the distance to be retrieved? It will be difficult, but far from impossible. Gefle’ve got a history of being able to solve the most difficult of situations …

On the other hand, half of the court should therefore BK Hacken stand – a Hacken who park in seventh place, and still has his sights set on European sites. The gap is large, but on the other hand remains full ten games of the series. Much, much can happen. Class is in any case of Hising team – arguably the top half material.

A couple of big offensive setback of Hacken. Paulinho is still injured and John Owoeri seems off. Unclear clearance around defense piece Kari Arkivuo.
Painted in the reverse meeting

Home and away – Hacken play always forward-leaning. Against a Gefle with great defense problems, and that has more to prove in the offensive can open and targeted match be waiting.

The converse meeting ended with the crushing 6-1 to Hacken. As mentioned; we believe in the goals even now, only better distributed. Of Gothenburg will hardly hit and play the shirt of Gefle, as in need of points will certainly like to control at times.

Gefles scorer in this meeting was reversed Johan Bertilsson – a class player, Allsvenskan standards. He is playing out on the flank and is such a player who thrives when surfaces are created; Moreover a reliable scorer and has been so throughout their careers.