Arsenal – West Bromwich (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Arsenal – West Bromwich

The meeting scheduled to begin today at 21:45 on Emirates Stadium between Arsenal and West Bromwich is a backlog in the stage number 30 of the Premier League. The dispute has greater importance to “gunners”, they can reach the podium in case of success.

Arsenal’s fourth, but the difference had teams that fall in ranking is a fragile one, only one point separates the podium and still has an advance team ranked five. Londoners could not win the stage last weekend, although they have played at home to Crystal Palace. So they were left with only two previous wins in seven stages. Home in the previous six games they won only Leicester and Watford, losing two teams squad, Swansea and Chelsea.

West Bromwich has won only one point in their previous four stages. Even so sits on a quiet place with ten points ahead of relegated first position. In the four games in which I said he never won the WBA has found the way to goal only once in the previous even travel to Manchester City. West Bromwich has only one victory in the previous 11 rounds on Everton’s ground. If you win this game it will climb to number 11.