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France – Peru (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

France vs Peru Prediction & Tips France has made no effort to have the best of an indomitable Australia, which has closed well the gates but has also put in difficulty the rearguard transalpine. Peru, however, has practically dominated Denmark, but has wasted so much and eventually had to surrender to the Danes at the… Read more »

Peru – Denmark (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Peru vs Denmark Prediction & Tips In a group that also includes France and Australia, Peru and Denmark face each other on the first day of the World Cup Group C at the Mordovia Arena in Saransk. This is the first ever comparison between these two nationals. Peru coached by Argentinian Ricardo Gareca prepared for… Read more »

Saudi Arabia – Peru (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Saudi Arabia vs Peru Prediction & Tips After losing to Italy 2-1, with the goal of the flag signed by Yahya Al Shehri, Saudi Arabia of the Spanish coach Juan Antonio Pizzi plays again on the field of San Gallo, in Switzerland, and this time he challenges Peru, another representative who will participate in the… Read more »

Peru – Croatia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Peru vs Croatia Prediction & Tips Peru is the last qualified for Russia’s 2018 World Cup, having beaten New Zealand 2-0 in the play-off, thanks to the goals of Farfan and Ramos. The CT Gareca has excluded from the squad the old Pizarro but above all the Flamengo legend Josè Paulo Guerrero, pending the FIFA… Read more »

New Zealand – Peru (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  New Zealand – Peru PREDICTION & TIPS New Zealand and Peru start Saturday morning at 03:15 at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington for a place in next year’s World Championship to be held in Russia. It is the play-off between the Oceania representative and the fifth-ranked CONMEBOL qualifier, where the Peruvian team finished behind… Read more »

Peru – Colombia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Peru – Colombia PREDICTION & TIPS Both teams are fighting for the qualification. No benefit in terms of motivation After 5 consecutive victories in all competitions and a success against Ecuador on the outside during the 16th day (1-2), Peru went to look for an important point in Argentina last Thursday (0-0). In confidence… Read more »

Argentina – Peru (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Argentina – Peru PREDICTION & TIPS What was only a small fear a few months ago became reality. Nonchalant, poor collectively, the Argentines could miss the World Cup in Russia. Only in the position of the barrist (5th) two days of the end of the qualifiers, the Albiceleste is obliged to dominate Peru, 4th… Read more »

Ecuador – Peru (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Ecuador – Peru PREDICTION & TIPS Ecuador has the unbeatable opportunity to straighten its soccer course and get back on track in the tournament, as it faces an accessible opponent like Peru, who often suffer when playing as a visitor. The “tricolor” still is not resigned to classify to Russia 2018 and for this… Read more »

Peru – Bolivia (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  Peru – Bolivia PREDICTION & TIPS Peru has the unbeatable opportunity to beat one of the worst teams in the competition as Bolivia, since the “Green” has very important limitations that make it a very loose and accessible rival. The group led by Gareca comes from a great victory against Uruguay (2-1) on the… Read more »

Peru vs Uruguay (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  This game is very balanced saw bookmakers share for January 1st soloist is 2.90, while the share away win is 2.45. And if we look on the results of displacement by Cavani and the company is clearly a bet on the outcome is not indicated. So I shifted and the match between Peru and… Read more »

Venezuela vs Peru (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

  The match Venezuela and Peru are making a very loose work in qualifying and have trouble finding a collective performance that excites fans with approaching the top. Venezuela side, the situation is very complicated, as the “burgundy” accumulates a lot of losses and is located in the last position, with very poor and very… Read more »

Peru vs Brazil (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Wednesday morning, 16/11/2016, 2:15 o’clock, Peru meets Brazil in a match of the qualifying round with number 12 of the World Cup. Peru comes after a spectacular victory, 4-1 with Paraguay managed to break back from 0-1, although the train has evolved strain. Thus, the moment occupy 8th place out of 10 teams with 14… Read more »

Paraguay vs Peru (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Paraguay play against Peru in a duel in the 11th round of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. Paraguay is 7 out of 10 participants, with 15 points and -2 goal difference. However, a break two points ahead of third place and an eventual success can enter the race for qualification for the World Cup… Read more »

Peru vs Argentina (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

This morning, at 5:15 pm, will be played between national representative Peru and Argentina, the two will meet in the Estadio Nacional to the Lima, where I anticipate a spectacular match, the goals will come from the first Half. Peru is the team that starts with the second chance in this confrontation, in spite of… Read more »

Peru vs Ecuador (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Peru suffers a very negative today in the tournament, regardless of having good players and a prestigious coach as Ricardo Gareca. It is located between the last positions, with disappointing yields and some very important defensive inattention. It has for the home-court advantage, something that can be useful to rescue at least a point against… Read more »

Bolivia vs Peru (Pick, Prediction, Preview)

Both teams have a very loose tie, located in a relatively similar position, among the last positions of the competition. Bolivia is second to last, with only 3 points and exhibiting enormous footballing limitations. Has home advantage in their favor (the dreaded altitude of La Paz, 3,600 meters above sea level) but also is showing… Read more »