Bernd Leno The Premier League Goal Keeper With A Lot To Prove As The Season Returns

As the season returns, the abilities of Bernd Leno have come into contention as the ongoing issues with Arsenals defence continue to let the side down. With a 9th position in the table at this time the team have a lot to prove. In this article, we will be looking into Bernd Leno and Arsenal side as well as their performance when the season returns in 2020.

An Outstanding Performance In The 2019 Season

For many, the 2019 Premier League season was one that included several ups and downs for some of the world’s best teams and saw Manchester City to come out on top of the league table with 98 points. But with a number, if the worlds best teams fighting to be at the top of the league, there were players like Bernd Leno that stood out above everyone else to be one of the most popular in the league.

With a total of 218 goals saved in 61 appearances so far, Bernd Leno it is no surprise that he is one of the best goalkeepers in the league. However, with the ever-changing dynamic of the team, there were plenty of challenges for the team as there were a huge number of goals conceded at this time. This made tensions between fans and Arsenal throughout the season resulting in a 5th place finish. But with so many changes to the defence of the Arsenal side could the season have ended differently?
The Everchanging Backline For The Gunners

With over 17 different defensive combinations over 28 different matches, there have certainly been some challenges when it comes to the abilities of Bernd Leno as a goalkeeper. For a majority of the Premier League goalkeepers have a similar defensive system that they play alongside that helps to make for an easy line of defence. However, with these ongoing changes to the defensive play, there has been great pressure placed on Bernd Leno and his role as the Gunners goalkeeper, and that even reflects on the odds offered for the EPL.

Another issue with this everchanging defence is the inability to find the winning combination. With the same back four not being used within the same five occasions, with only three of defenders being used together in more than one premier league fixtures, the changes have meant that several goals have been conceded due to inexperience. As this continues to rumble on many Arsenal fans have begun to get frustrated with the current way that the team are playing and hope to see the perfect combination for the defence in 2020 to make the team stronger than ever before.

The 2020 Season Thus Far

In the season thus fair Bernd Leno has been one of the best goalkeepers and has seen a vast amount of success so far this season. In their most recent matchup, he made an incredible nine stops of 12 shots on targets seeing them win. With Arsenal currently 9th on the league table, there is more that needs to be done to replicate the success from the last season. Despite their ongoing efforts to be higher at the league table, the loss to Manchester City on the 17th of June did not see the best possible start for the team in their first game behind closed doors. However, as the season continues to be played behind closed doors, it is still all to play for in terms of the top positions.

The Future Of His Time At Arsenal

With many expecting him to stay in the team for a long time, the disappointing performance of the team could see him making a switch when his contract is up for renewal. Until then, however, we are sure that we are set to see an amazing defensive performance from the number 2 goalkeeper in the Premier League. But with the ongoing defensive changes, will this be enough for him to win matches and take the team further up the leader board before the end of the season?

With more people than ever before looking to watch the primer league as it begins again all eyes are on Bernd Leno and the performance of the Arsenal side to see whether or not they can claw their way back into the top five teams this season.